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Drawing up my second travel project for 2020!


My first travel project of 2020 started on January 6 and included classic locations in three Latin American countries during seven weeks. First off was Ecuador where my main objective was climbing several of the most prominent mountains in the country. On my fourth climb, Antisana, 5,704m, me and Santiago Quintero encountered a huge avalanche at 5,500m that almost buried us. Some 30 minutes later another avalanche hit the same area. The dynamics of the following climbs unravelled, and there were to be no more climbing in Ecuador or Mexico, where I cancelled my Pico de Orizaba bid.

The rest of the project went mainly as planned, but the diving with Bull Sharks, Sailfish and Marlins didn't happen since they were nowhere to be seen. Tulum, Coba, Valladolid, Chichén-Itzá, Mérida, Campeche, Uxmal and Cancún followed in rapid succession. At the end of the project I spent a few days in Colombia, mainly for resting and spending time in Cali with my girlfriend and her daughter. Most locations from this project will feature on my YouTube channel Ad Astra Jean Dar. If you like my videos, go ahead and subscribe to my YouTube channel!

My second travel project of 2020 is past the planning stage and should be launched in September, if not the Covid-19 virus will mess things up further. It will be a 3-week long and fast-moving project starting in Sri Lanka, followed by diving and freediving in the Maldives, and last but not least, I will be enjoying the Japanese island of Okinawa. As usual, I will also aim to take in historical and cultural locations of importance during this project. More YouTube videos will of course be produced during and from this project, and some new cameras will be purchased replacing the ones that broke down in Mexico earlier this year. The hard-drive in my laptop, that also stopped working in Mexico, has already been replaced.

On the music side of life, I'm planning to release my third album during late April or in May. The new music will be featured in all those new YouTube videos from my travel projects.

Jean Dar, 2 April 2020

Latest news


My new YouTube videos are being uploaded, featuring most locations from my recent 7 week long travel project to Ecuador, Mexico and Colombia. A bunch of videos are being made now and more are lined up for the process. In total some 23 Youtube videos will be uploaded to my channel: 7 videos from Ecuador and 16 from Mexico!


Jean Dar, 2 April 2020


With less than two weeks to go until departure, only some minor reservations and arrangements are still to be made. The new decade will start with my ambitious seven week long travel project, read more details above, and could easily result in some 20 - 25 new YouTube videos, depending on the amount of footage being captured.


Jean Dar, 25 December 2019


Im in the process of producing/uploading all ten YouTube videos from this summer from Morocco, Colombia & Spain, watch the new ones below! My forthcoming seven week travel project: all arrangements for Ecuador are made, most activities for Mexico are also organised, the last few days of this project will be in Colombia resting.


Jean Dar, 4 December 2019




I'm uploading 23 NEW YouTube videos January - August 2020

23 Videos: Ecuador & Mexico 2020 | Ad Astra Jean Dar, is my trailer showcasing all 23 YouTube videos that are uploaded, being produced or lined up for it, in January - August 2020. All footage in these YouTube videos were taken during my latest travel project in Ecuador and Mexico. For more information about this project, please read above. Reading the video description will provide you with concentrated information of a destination or activity you may be interested in. Support me by subscribing to my YouTube channel Ad Astra Jean Dar.


Jean Dar, 26 April 2020

22 January 2020: Laguna Quilotoa 3,505m, Ecuador

This video shows my and Santiago Quintero's visit to Laguna Quilotoa at 3,505 meters altitude in Reserva Ecológica Los Ilinizas (watch also my climbing video from Iliniza Norte 5,126m). The rim of the caldera, which is 3 kilometers wide, is highly irregular and reaches its maximum elevation at 3,914 meters in the South-East. Laguna Quilotoa is considered one of the most beautiful crater lakes in the world, a water-filled caldera and the most western volcano in the Ecuadorian Andes. Watch my other YouTube videos at Ad Astra Jean Dar.


Jean Dar, 26 April 2020

21 January 2020: Mitad del Mundo, Ecuador


Ciudad Mitad del Mundo is one of the most visited touristic sites near Quito in Ecuador. This is where a large monument is built on the imaginary line of the equator, and numerous tourists have had their photos taken with one fot in the Northern hemisphere and the other in the Southern hemisphere. But truth is this monument is built on a French measurement made in 1736, and is 240 meters to the South of the exact location of the equator measured with GPS. More YouTube videos are being uploaded at my channel Ad Astra Jean Dar.


Jean Dar, 26 April 2020

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