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Drawing up my second travel project for 2020!


My first travel project of 2020 started on January 6 and included classic locations in three Latin American countries during seven weeks. First off was Ecuador where my main objective was climbing several of the most prominent mountains in the country. On my fourth climb, Antisana, 5,704m, me and Santiago Quintero encountered a huge avalanche at 5,500m that almost buried us. Some 30 minutes later another avalanche hit the same area. The dynamics of the following climbs unravelled, and there were to be no more climbing in Ecuador or Mexico, where I cancelled my Pico de Orizaba bid.

The rest of the project went mainly as planned, but the diving with Bull Sharks, Sailfish and Marlins didn't happen since they were nowhere to be seen. Tulum, Coba, Valladolid, Chichén-Itzá, Mérida, Campeche, Uxmal and Cancún followed in rapid succession. At the end of the project I spent a few days in Colombia, mainly for resting and spending time in Cali with my girlfriend and her daughter. Most locations from this project will feature on my YouTube channel Ad Astra Jean Dar. If you like my videos, go ahead and subscribe to my YouTube channel!

My second travel project of 2020 is past the planning stage and should be launched in September, if not the Covid-19 virus will mess things up further. It will be a 3-week long and fast-moving project starting in Sri Lanka, followed by diving and freediving in the Maldives, and last but not least, I will be enjoying the Japanese island of Okinawa. As usual, I will also aim to take in historical and cultural locations of importance during this project. More YouTube videos will of course be produced during and from this project, and some new cameras will be purchased replacing the ones that broke down in Mexico earlier this year. The hard-drive in my laptop, that also stopped working in Mexico, has already been replaced.

On the music side of life, my third album was released on July 1. You can preview my upcoming 3-track release for September 7, here: Perreo Salvaje X 3.

Jean Dar, 2 April 2020

Latest news


My next music release is due out on September 7, preview it here: Perreo Salvaje X 3. A bunch of videos are still being made now and more are lined up for the process. In total some 23 Youtube videos will be uploaded to my YouTube channel Travel & Adventure / Ad Astra Jean Dar, 7 videos from Ecuador and 16 from Mexico!


Jean Dar, 28 August 2020


I have postponed all my travel projects for the remainder or 2020 due to Covid-19. Still 11 more YouTube videos from México will be uploaded on Travel & Adventure / Ad Astra Jean Dar. I'm producing more music that will be released before October: two EPs featuring 4-6 tracks each and be niched towards Latin Trap and Reggaetón.


Jean Dar, 8 August 2020


My new album, Milena 37,2° C, was released on July 1, 2020, and is available with all 8 tracks on Spotify and YouTube. More info & samples of my music are found on the music page. All 7 videos from Ecuador are now on my YouTube channel Travel & Adventure / Ad Astra Jean Dar, and 16 more from Mexico are being uploaded.

Jean Dar, 4 July 2020




CDMX - México City, México, 27 - 30 January 2020

Mexico City is, and has always been, the sun in the Mexican solar system. Though much-maligned in the past, these days the city is cleaning up its act. Revamped public spaces are springing back to life, the culinary scene is exploding and a cultural renaissance is flourishing. A stroll through the buzzing downtown area reveals the capital’s storied history, from pre-Hispanic and colonial-era splendor to its contemporary edge. This high-octane megalopolis is described best in superlatives! Watch my other YouTube videos at Ad Astra Jean Dar.


Jean Dar, 8 August 2020

Teotihuacán, México, 26 January 2020. By hot air balloon!

The Teotihuacán complex of awesome pyramids, set amid what was once Mesoamerica's greatest city, is the region's most visited destination. The Aztecs believed the gods created the universe at this site, and it was given the name Teōtīhuacān. The term has been glossed as "Birthplace of the Gods", "Place where Gods were born" and "City of Gods". The early history of Teotihuacán is quite mysterious and the origin of its founders is uncertain. The original name of the city is unknown. Subscribe to my YouTube channel Ad Astra Jean Dar.


Jean Dar, 8 August 2020

I'm uploading 23 NEW YouTube videos January - September 2020

23 Videos: Ecuador & Mexico 2020 | Ad Astra Jean Dar, is my trailer showcasing all 23 YouTube videos that are uploaded, being produced or lined up for it, in January - August 2020. All footage in these YouTube videos were taken during my latest travel project in Ecuador and Mexico. For more information about this project, please read above. Reading the video description will provide you with concentrated information of a destination or activity you may be interested in. Support me by subscribing to my YouTube channel Ad Astra Jean Dar.


Jean Dar, 26 April 2020

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