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My album Rays Of Light was released on 9 September 2018 and is available with full previews of all 23 tracks and with direct access to the music store here at! Listen and download the full album or desired tracks below,  at Spotify, CD Baby  or  Amazon. The album, in some cases parts of it, is also available to download and/or stream at  Apple Music, iTunes, Pandora (USA) and at various more music platforms across the planet. Featuring 23 pieces of music and a range of styles and modes, Rays Of Light will take you on a journey with its ambient atmosphere, trance tracks, various latin rythms and styles, piano arrangements, guitars and dreamy vibes. The album contains a soothing bunch of tracks with different flavours and a few spicy ones in there with a gentle twist. Listen to the album on the player provided below.

The music will feature  in my travel videos on my YouTube channel  Ad Astra - Jean Dar.

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