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I got the blue print for my November 2018 travel project!


My forthcoming travel project will kick-off at a premium hotel in Colombia's capital city Bogotá and last for three full weeks in November 2018. Highlights will include the last few meters of Colombian soil to the South at Leticia, where Colombia meets both Perú and Brazil deep in the Amazon forest. I will here go on excursions meeting the indigenous people of this part of the Amazon forest, experience the flora and fauna and even enter the Brazilian town of Tabatinga for a day. My next activity will be hiking the famous jungle trail to La Ciudad Perdida for five days out of Santa Marta on the Caribbean coast in Colombia. En route to La Ciudad Perdida I will meet the Koguis tribe in their villages, once inhabited by their forebears the Tairona people. And while I'm at the Caribbean coast, I'll do some diving and freediving in Taganga too! The final days of this project will be spent in and around Cali, the Salsa Dance Capital of the World, before returning to the darkness and frosty weather of Scandinavia in late November. With only three more weeks of holiday available to me in 2018, this one is intended to be a sequel of my "7 weeks in Latin America" earlier this year.


My "7 weeks in Latin America" project 18 January - 8 March 2018 included five countries and took in the largest city in the Southern hemisphere, São Paulo, Brazil, and the Southmost city on the planet, Ushuaia, Argentina. I entered the Patagonian icefield on my way through Patagonia, and even ended up in in Chile after some white water rafting from Bariloche in Argentina! After a few days of leisure in Buenos Aires I committed myself to two weeks in Colombia, including the Carnaval de Barranquilla, Salsa Caleña dancing in Cali and also visiting the grave of "El Patron" Pablo Escobar in Medellín. The two last weeks of this project took me to Dominican Republic, including the Zona Colonial in Santo Domingo, diving in Bayahibe Dominicus and finally two nights in Punta Cana/ Bávaro. And a lot of other things too of course. My costs for this project ended up being more than calculated, some US$ 13,000-14,000.


Jean Dar, 24 June 2018



Latest news


The Music page has been totally updated with full previews of all 23 tracks on my music album Rays Of Light, including direct access to the music store for downloads. This is the first place on the internet you will find full preview of the entire album! Get to the Music page and listen with the exclusive music player provided there.


Jean Dar, 20 September 2018


My Colombian project for November is only a month and half away now with the Ciudad Perdida leg of it still to be organised. I have released an album containing music that has and will be used in my YouTube videos, have a preview and listen to it here: Rays Of Light. The leading track is available below and at Ad Astra.


Jean Dar, 16 September 2018


I'm still working on videos from my "7 weeks in Latin America" project and will shortly start posting the last ones from my trip, all of them from Republica Dominicana, watch them at Ad Astra - Jean Dar. My Colombian travel project for November is taking form, with four flight reservations being made earlier this month.


Jean Dar, 24 July 2018



Bayahibe wreck diving & Isla Saona


The St George wreck is one of the most beautiful wrecks in the Caribbean, with schools of fish and beautiful corals growing on the wreck. With a maximum depth of 44 meters and possiblilities to penetrate, the St George is not for the novice. The Atlantic Princess is the newest wreck for divers to enjoy in the Bayahibe area and is a great wreck even for new divers. The maximum depth of 12 meters also makes easy freediving possible. And then we got Isla Saona with turquoise waters, white sands and palm trees swaying in the gentle sea breeze...


Jean Dar, 4 October 2018


Carnaval de Santo Domingo & Desfile Militar 2018


Carnival in the Dominican Republic dates back to 1520, and while carnival events take place around the entire country, Santo Domingo's festivals along the Malecón are the most large-scale and take place every weekend in February. The desfile de Carnaval de Santo Domingo on 25 February 2018 was interrupted by heavy rainfall and postponed to March 10. All my footage of the Carnaval de Santo Domingo in my YouTube video is from February 25 and Desfile Militar on february 27 - the independence day of the dominican republic.


Jean Dar, 4 October 2018


Rays Of Light - The Music Album


My music album Rays Of Light holds 23 tracks of music that was put together and published on 9 September 2018. Containing a range of styles and modes, this album has an ambient atmosphere, trance tracks, various latin rythms and styles, piano arrangements, guitars and dreamy vibes. The album contains a soothing bunch of tracks with different flavours and a few spicy ones in there with a gentle twist. Get to the Music page and listen with the exclusive music player provided there, or go directly to the music store at CD Baby for downloading.


Jean Dar, 20 September 2018

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