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More surgery. Heal-up. Let's go travelling 2019!


My first travel project of 2019 starts in mid-June and will include classic locations on three continents during five and a half weeks. First off will be Jebel Toubkal, 4,167 meters, the highest point in Morocco and the Atlas mountains, followed by the old Berber city of Marrakech. After a short stop-over in Madrid, Spain, the trip continues to beautiful Colombia where additional footage will be taken in Cartagena de Indias and Bogotá to complete my YouTube videos of these two big cities. Some more mountaineering will follow in Parque Nacional Natural Los Nevados, as I'm planning crossing Los Nevados from north to south in an eight day expedition-style adventure, that will take me to the summits of both Paramillo del Quindio at 4,750 meters, and the large volcano Nevado de Tolima at 5,215 meters. But that's not all by far! A week's stay at the Colombian paradise island of San Andrés will also take place, with scuba and freediving those Caribbean waters being the main objectives.


After Morocco and Colombia it will be time to head back to Europe for another two weeks of travelling with my Colombian girlfriend and her daughter. Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, is of course included in this leg of the trip with its famous Vasa museum, displaying the only preserved seventeenth-century ship in the world and a unique art treasure. Simply a must! Another Nordic capital will follow as Helsinki, Finland, will be visited and its impressive eighteenth-century fortress of Suomenlinna that was built by Sweden and originally named Sveaborg. As the project will draw to a close, a few days in and around Madrid, Spain, will follow, taking in the historical and famous cities of Segovia, Ávila and Toledo. Many of these locations will feature on my YouTube channel Ad Astra Jean Dar, so subscribe to the channel. This will be another project that will pack a punch!

With only four months passing between my left shoulder surgery and the start of this project, this one will be a test for future projects that could see me return to technical 6,000 meter peaks!

Jean Dar, 10 May 2019

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My next project that starts in mid-June includes summiting Jebel Toubkal 4,167 meters, the highest point in the Atlas mountains, Los Nevados national park in Colombia, including summiting Paramillo del Quindio 4,750 meters and Nevado de Tolima 5,215 meters, scuba and freediving at San Andrés in the Caribbean and a lot more!


Jean Dar, 10 May 2019


Its soon been six weeks since my left shoulder surgery, and everything is looking good! In June - July this year 

I will put my shoulder to the test, going scuba and freediving in San Andrés and Providencia, two beautiful Colombian islands in the Caribbean Sea. My focus is on healing  in 2019, and going climbing in Bolivia next year.


Jean Dar, 23 March 2019


I had my left shoulder surgery last Monday, on February 11, and everything is looking fine at the moment. I'm aiming at starting training freediving again in a few weeks time, and if all works well, I could be heading towards those 6,000 meter technical mountains again in 2020! As for now, rest and recuperation are my main priorities.


Jean Dar, 20 February 2019




Galápagos, Ecuador - A special place on earth! 

This isolated group of volcanic islands and its fragile ecosystem has taken on almost mythological status as a showcase of biodiversity, and may just inspire you to think differently about the world. You don’t have to be an evolutionary biologist or an ornithologist to appreciate one of the few places left on the planet where the human footprint is kept to a minimum. Go ahead, experience this special place on earth through my video below or at my YouTube channel Ad Astra Jean Dar. Or even better - go there and see this incredible place for yourself!


Jean Dar, 10 May 2019

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I finally made the intro video for my YouTube channel, which really should have been one of the first videos uploaded there, but better late than never I guess. New viewers to my channel will get to see this intro video and an idea of what my channel is about. On a monthly basis new videos will be uploaded from all corners of the planet, and I hope my videos will give you inspiration, ideas and information about the places I travel to. Support me by subscribing to my YouTube channel Ad Astra Jean Dar and giving my videos the thumbs-up.


Jean Dar, 8 March 2019

Santiago de Cali - So much more than Salsa dancing!

Cali may not be as scenic as Medellín or cosmopolitan as Bogotá, but the vibrant attitude of the local caleños is enough to win you over. As a society built upon the blending of indigenous, African and Spanish traditions, diversity and open-mindedness form the base of the caleño culture. Colombia is famous for its Salsa dancing, and Cali is considered the salsa capital of the world, but there is a lot more to Cali than dancing. Historical sites,  museums and panoramic views from hill tops are also included in my YouTube video below. Enjoy!


Jean Dar, 8 March 2019

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